MacGypsy: How I went from the UK to a world of Apple apps

Apple has long claimed that it has the “best app store in the world”.

But that claim has been questioned, especially by the likes of Google, which has long argued that it’s not in the best position to compete. 

AppleInsider recently asked Apple for its own data to support its claim. 

It has provided data from its App Store for several years, but has so far not provided any new insights.

AppleInsider was able to pull together data from the App Store’s “top” and “bottom” rankings, based on the most recent six months of activity.

It also pulled in the most active months in the past year, as well as information from other apps on the App store.

It was able also to get information from the number of reviews in the AppStore for the top 20 most popular apps.

The data suggests that Apple is now at a much more competitive position than Google.

Apple currently has a 30% share of the App Stores market share.

It has a 15% share in the “Top 100” categories, which includes Apple’s apps.

Google has a 27% share, with Android at 15%.