Mac os version 1.0.5 for OS X is now available for download

Posted by MacOS version 1 is now out, and we’re here to give you a taste of what’s in store for your next Mac.

The first thing you’ll notice about MacOS 1.1 is that it’s updated for the new Mac OS X, and there are also a few features to take note of, including:You can download the OS X version of MacOS from the Mac App Store now.

There’s no sign of the 1.x.x version of OS X on the Mac Store, but it’s likely the developer will make an OS X 1.2 version of this update available later.

The update includes the ability to add more than one Mac to a system, including multiple Apple TVs, a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, and a Thunderbolt 3 adapter.

There’s also a new “Mac OS X” version of the Finder for Mac, which includes the Finder app, new keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Mac OS 1.3.2 for Mac is now also available for Mac users to try out.

There are also some other bug fixes, and you can find a full list of new features in the OS 1 Mac Beta Guide.