How to turn a Mac into a portable streaming TV set-top box

Macs are great for gaming, streaming TV and movies, but they can also be used for streaming music, movies and TV shows.

So why not build your own streaming TV box?

This article explains how.

If you’re looking for a simple Mac-based streaming TV setup, you can start with our guide to Mac streaming TV sets.

Mac streaming TV lets you connect a Mac to a TV, and it also lets you stream TV shows and movies to your TV.

The TV will then be able to detect and play any TV shows or movies that are on the local network and then stream them to your Mac.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn your Mac into the ultimate streaming TV kit.

If you’re new to streaming TV, here’s how to get started:1.

Find a Mac with a dedicated wireless network You can also connect a mac to a wireless network, which is what most people do with a Mac.

For example, if you’re living in a country with very poor internet connectivity, you might need to use a hotspot.

A Mac with dedicated wireless networks allows you to set up your home network to receive TV signals.

You can set up a wireless hotspot on your home’s router, which will allow your Mac to access a wired network.


Install the latest macOS 10.12.5 You’ll need the latest version of macOS (10.12) to get your Mac’s wireless hotspots up and running.


Configure the Apple TV app You’ll also need the AppleTV app to set the Mac up for wireless TV.

To set it up, go to Settings > Apple TV > Settings > Wi-Fi.


Connect your Mac through your router You’ll want to set your router up for your Mac so that it can receive wireless signals from your home router.

Open up the Apple Wi-fi settings app on your Mac, and you’ll need to enable wireless.

You’ll find these settings in the “Network” section:If you don’t see this setting, open up the network settings menu on your router, and check “Enable Wireless for all networks.”

This will allow wireless signals to be sent from your Mac directly to your router.

You’ll also want to ensure that your router supports Wi-FI, and that it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless.

To do this, check the “Wi-Fi” option under “Advanced settings” on your Router’s “Wireless” tab.


Set up your TV app The next step is to configure your TV as a remote control for your TV and set up the app for remote controls.

To do this:Open up the TV app on the Apple home screen.

Tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select the “HomeKit” tab at the bottom of the list.

Scroll down to “General.”

Select “Remote Control.”

Now tap “Add.”

Enter your TV username and password.

Select “Add Remote Control.”6.

Connect to your wireless network If your router isn’t supporting Wi-I, you’ll want your TV to be connected to a Wi-Fis wireless network.

This will let your Mac know when the TV is connected to the network.

To configure your Wi-Wis network:Open your Mac up to your home computer, and locate the “Apple Wi-WiFi” app.

Open the app.

Tap “Settings” on the bottom left of the app’s interface.

Tap the “General” tab to the right of the menu.

Tap Wi-Dis.

Scroll down to the “Advanced” section.

Select “Advanced.”

Scroll down the list to the bottom and tap “Remote.”

Select your TV name and enter your TV password.

Now tap “Set Up.”

Enter your TV network username and the password to authenticate your connection.7.

Plug the remote into your TV remote control You can use your TV’s remote control to connect your TV with your Mac or computer.

To connect your Mac with your TV, follow these steps:Open the Apple Remote app.

Tap “Settings.”

Scroll down until you see “Mac” at the top of the interface.

Tap it.

Tap on “Remote” on this screen.

Tap your TV connection to the remote control.

You will now see a list of devices on your TV connected to your computer.

Tap any of those devices to add them to the list of remote devices you have connected.

If your Mac isn’t already connected to that list, it will appear.

Tap any of the devices to send them a “Connected” message.

Tap that message to reconnect your Mac and start streaming your TV shows, movies, and TV content to your television.8.

Enjoy your favorite shows, videos and games You’ll likely need to restart your TV or set it to “Sleep” to make