Public House, Public House II: MacMills Public House benefits

MacMill Public House has expanded its benefits program with new coverage for more than 2,200 beneficiaries across the country, according to the company.

The program, which was created in 2014, will offer benefits to all new employees and retirees in 2018, with an expansion to include all existing employees in 2020.

MacMills is the largest employer in the United States, with more than 1,400 workers in the U.S. Public House is the first of its kind in the country.

The company also said that new employees, retirees and other current employees can begin receiving new benefits as soon as January 2019, with the new coverage starting at $25,000 per year.

The expansion of the Public House Benefits Program will be rolled out through 2020, MacMILL said.

The public house, which is based in New York, offers benefits to workers, retirees, students and the disabled.

It also provides benefits to the public as well as employees and former employees, including employees and their spouses.