“How To” to stop “trolls” from infecting your PC

“How to” to avoid being “trolled” in the future, according to Microsoft.

The company has made an official announcement today, and it’s not the usual disclaimer or apology.

The update has been pushed out to the Windows Insider program, which means you should be able to download it on your machine, if you’re one of the few who already signed up for it.

The update is the latest in a long line of changes to Windows, and one that’s been pushed for years.

It’s an interesting development for Microsoft, which hasn’t seen many major updates in the past, though it’s no secret that some of its software, including Windows, has been plagued by attacks.

The latest update to Windows is just the latest to address that.

Windows is now more secure and resilient, but that doesn’t mean it’s always safer.

You should always check if your PC is currently infected before installing a security update, especially if you don’t trust Microsoft’s assurances that the updates are safe.