How to change the boot animation of Mac Fan Control

By changing the bootanimation of Mac fan control you can remove some of the clutter that comes with the fan control.

If you have an iMac that you have never used and you want to change some of its settings, then this guide will help you.1.

Open the bootloader2.

Hold down Command+Alt+Del until you see a prompt with a few options3.

Type ‘bootloader’4.

Click the option ‘boot’5.

Select ‘yes’When the prompt disappears, hold down Command (or Command+Shift+Alt) and you should see a message like this:Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed the boot animations for Mac fan controls.

You can also try these steps to change other settings:1.

Open the Boot Menu2.

Press Command+Esc3.

Type ‘extension’4 and hit enter5.

Press Option+Alt +F6.

Type in ‘Mac fan control’7.

Click on the options you want in the menu.

Select ‘boot animation’8.

Hit enter9.

Press ‘Yes’You should see the boot menu return to the default boot animation (that’s the animation you used when you installed Mac FanControl).2.

How to change boot animations of Mac fans1.

Press Control+Alt to see options2.

Hit Control+Esc to close3.

Hold down Command+(Alt+Shift) and hit Enter4.

Type bootanimations into the search box5.

Hit Enter to save the changesYou should now see the Mac fancontrol menu back in its default state.

If your Mac is running OS X 10.9 Mavericks and you need to change its bootanimated options, you can go into your Applications folder and open up Applications\General\Mac FanControl\ManageBootanimations.

This will show you a list of bootanimating options, as well as a list with your default bootanimator, the one you used before installing Mac Fancontrol.

If that’s the only bootanimate you have, then it’s time to try a different bootanimater.1) Open the Boot menu2.

Hold Down Command+(Shift+Ctrl)3.

Press Enter4,Type boot animations into the list5.

Click OK6.

Hit Return7.

Press OK again to close.1a) To change the Boot Animation of your Mac, go to Applications\System Settings\System animations.2) To remove the boot animators from Mac fan controllers, go into the System preferences and remove the ‘bootanimations’ section.3) To reset the boot Animations to their defaults, click on the ‘Boot Animations’ tab.4) To uncheck the Boot Animations checkbox, go back to System Preferences and click on ‘Boot Animation’.5) To clear the Boot animations checkbox again, click ‘Clear’.6) To restart the Mac Fan control, click the ‘restart’ button at the top of the screen.7) If you need any help, then the Mac community forums are the place to go.