How to get an Irish MacConference badge – and what to expect from Dublin on Sunday

MacConnex has become a favourite destination for Irish Mac users worldwide, with more than 70,000 of the devices available to be purchased at the show.

It is also a venue for many Irish events and conventions, including the Irish National Convention.

But the Dublin Convention Centre has seen an increase in demand for MacConversation, the company’s conference app, which can be purchased through Apple.

According to Apple, it had more than 6,000 reservations for Macconnex in the last 24 hours, a new high for the app’s history.

“MacConnex was one of our favourite events in Dublin and we are thrilled to have MacConvolution, a dedicated conference app for Mac users, at the event,” Apple Ireland Marketing Director, Richard Gorman, said.

MacConvolutions app will allow Mac users to access a wide range of topics from topics such as Apple Watch and Apple Music, to topics such a live conference or a keynote session.

It will also allow Mac owners to access other platforms such as Mac OS X and iOS.