The Best Cars and Trucks From 2017

Posted by Polygon on Sunday, December 09, 2018 16:31:17 The year 2017 was one for the best of the car market.

It was full of the best cars and trucks.

But for me the year was also full of a lot of great cars and truck rides.

Some of the biggest highlights from the year were the Ford Fusion, the BMW 7 Series, the Nissan Titan, the Lexus RX100, and the Porsche Cayenne.

But I’d also like to mention the Porsche Panamera.

I’ll be honest with you, I’d rather not say which car I would drive this year, but if there is one that stands out from the rest of the lineup, it’s the Porsche.

It’s not a small car.

It can go faster than anything I’ve ever driven in the car industry.

It has incredible handling, and it’s got some seriously impressive suspension.

So for me, I’m really looking forward to the 2017 Porsche Panameras and I know I’ll have a lot to say about it soon.

I’m going to pick up my 2018 Porsche Panamanas and have the best one ever.

I am so stoked.

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The 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 This new 911 Carreras first outing in the US is a bit of a departure from previous Panamera models.

The car is basically a different vehicle entirely.

It retains the iconic Panamera badge, but the car has an entirely new body.

The 911 Carreyas new design, with a more modern exterior, looks absolutely amazing.

But it also carries the same 911 design cues that you can see on the new 911 GT3 RS, as well as the current 911 Carrie.

And with the 2017 911 GT1 RS, you’ll find a lot more of the same.

But the new body, while it is more aerodynamic, also has a more pronounced aerodynamic body roll bar.

The new 911 will have a front-wheel drive layout, which is a big improvement over the current model.

The front axle is also much larger, which will help with steering, and also improve handling.

But while the front wheels will get a lot bigger, the rear axle will get more power.

This will make the front wheel drive feel even more powerful, which should make the 911 Carrers handling even more fun.

But that’s not all.

The 2018 911 Carremans front and rear wheel drive setup also gets a new front suspension with wider tires, and a rear suspension with smaller tires, to help with handling.

I think the new front and rears suspension layout will make for some more fun, and will also make the car more responsive, and therefore safer.

The Carreres new rear suspension will also help with stability and steering.

The rear wheels will also get a larger diameter and will have wider tires for improved handling.

And of course, the Carrereres steering wheel will also have a larger wheelbase, so there will be more room for bigger tires on the steering wheel, as there will also be more space for the wheelbase on the car itself.

This means that the wheel should feel even better on the road, especially on steep inclines and downhill, as you’ll be able to accelerate the car faster, and brake more easily.

The most notable addition to the 2018 Porsche Cayennes design is a new aluminum alloy grille.

This grille is actually part of the rear wing, and is a lot thinner than the grille on the current Panamera and Cayenne models.

It also makes for a much more aggressive grille, and better handling.

The Cayennes front grille design also looks very aggressive, and I really like that, especially with the front of the grill being a bit larger than the other two grills.

The grille was also redesigned to make it easier to read, so you can clearly see the text in the driver’s side mirror.

The 2016 Cayennes grille also looks much more pronounced, and was redesigned to help the car better handle the cornering load, as it will be easier to steer it when the corner load is a little higher.

It will also also help to make the Cayenne easier to control, and to avoid rolling off the road.

And the rear grille will be the same, but will now have a more dramatic design, and that will help to improve handling and stability.

The 2019 Porsche Panaramas body style The 2019 Panamera Panamera body style was a big change from the previous models.

For one, it was redesigned.

It wasn’t a major redesign, but it definitely was a significant one.

For a Porsche to redesign something is usually a big deal, and with this new car, they’ve managed to do just that.

The exterior of the 2019 Panarama is a completely different look than the outgoing model.

Instead of the iconic “Porsche” logo on the front, it is now “Panamera.”

The headlights, taillights, and other parts have been completely redesigned, and