Macs’ new Smart Home System is a $5 Billion investment

A new smart home system from Apple could help Australian companies such as Macs, who have struggled with the growth of the home automation market.

Macs has said it is investing $5 billion in the Smart Home division of its Mac hardware and software business and has already begun work on a system to make it more connected.

It is not the only major Australian tech company to be eyeing a foray into home automation.

Microsoft has also set up a team to explore the future of home automation in Australia.

The Macs investment comes amid growing interest in home automation by Apple and Microsoft as they battle to capture more of the $3 trillion market for home automation and home appliances.

But Apple’s investment in the smart home division is a significant expansion of its presence in Australia, and a sign of its willingness to take on more of a leading role in the market.

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