A $200,000 Mac Pro upgrade guide

Apple today announced an upgrade program for its Mac Pro line of high-end computers, offering buyers a $20000 discount for their first upgrade.

The Mac Pro’s price has stayed relatively unchanged from last year.

Mac Pro buyers will receive a free upgrade to a 32GB model, a $1,999 upgrade to 64GB, and a $5,000 upgrade to 128GB.

The $200 purchase price will be discounted to $249.99, and Apple says it will ship the upgrades in October.

The company says it’ll also be offering a $250 rebate toward the purchase price of any Mac Pro that’s bought in October or later.

The new Mac Pro comes with a faster Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage.

The upgrade is a significant upgrade over last year’s Mac Pro, which shipped with a Core i5-6770HQ processor.

The Apple Mac Pro upgrades are priced at $299.99 each, with a $100 rebate for customers who purchased the Mac Pro in October last year and have not yet upgraded.

The upgrade program is available to buyers who purchased a Mac Pro from October 2017 through the end of this month.

Mac owners who have already upgraded should contact Apple to be eligible.

Apple’s Mac upgrade program comes after a string of price cuts for Macs.

In March, the company announced it would drop the price of its Mac mini from $1.2949 to $1 to $499.